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Eco Friendly Body and Foot Brush and smoothie board

Eco Friendly Body and Foot Brush and smoothie board

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This beautiful and professional quality sisal foot brush is designed to give you the very best foot exfoliation. Constructed from high quality, firm grade Sisal cactus fibres, this heavy duty brush delivers the finest clean, even when wet.

made from Natural Sisal, which is a vegetarian fibre from the agave cactus plant the handle is made from sustainable FSC approved wood.

  • Rinse and Dry after use. Bristles must face downwards/
  • The medium grade emery on the reverse is for the final touches to more delicate areas
  • Uses sustainable FSC® certified wood
  • Use wet or dry
  • Tones skin for a youthful smooth glow
  • Uses sustainable FSC® certified wood


  • plant material - 100% natural 
  • sustainable
  • biodegradable
  • dries quickly 
  • eco friendly
  • Strong and long lasting
  • Naturally resistant to bacteria
  • When its finished its life span you can even put it in your compost to decompose.
  • Win Win for you and the environment
  •  Dimensions:

    • Overall: 4.5cm H x 24.5cm W
    • Overall Length - Head to Toe: 24.5cm